Client Comments

I’ve hired Jazmin as an interpreter on numerous occasions. In my experience, Jazmin does a great job as an interpreter. She is skilled in her ability to interpret and also very good with clients. My clients always feel comfortable and respected by Jazmin. I would strongly recommend her services.
— Robert K. Meyer, Attorney at Law, P.C.
I have worked with Jazmin Manjarrez in a professional capacity for over two years on an intermittent basis. Ms. Manjarrez has proven herself to be a highly competent and conscientious interpreter. She takes her time to understand both the patient and the clinician she is working with to provide the most accurate and fluid exchange of information. I feel she understands the importance of her role as well as the particular responsibilities that are inherent with the interpretation process.
— Andrew Barnes, Ph. D.
I have worked with Jazmin Manjarrez on several occasions, both as an interpreter and as a translator. I have found her to be exceptionally responsive and very capable in her role. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to others, and have done so on several occasions. She has always been very easy to contact, and also very prompt in responding to my requests. She has a warm and genuinely invitational manner, and sets a professional but comfortable tone in meetings.

In short, I have truly enjoyed utilizing Jazmin’s services, and would recommend her without hesitation to any professional needing a certified Spanish interpreter.
— Kent B. Reigel, Reigel Vocational Consultation
Jazmin is an excellent “real-time” translator with an intuitive sense for nuances and inflection between English and Spanish.
— Hannu Laukkanen, Professor at Pacific University
I have been a staff nurse for more than 25 years at OHSU and have worked with countless interpreters over the years in a variety of languages. I have always found Jazmin to be a reliable interpreter and an accurate one. Jazmin always interprets precisely what I say, not adding anything additionally or leaving anything out.
— Barbara Neff RN, IBCLC
Amazing, patient and all the teachers loved her!
— Kay Johnson, Beaverton School District
My first experience calling a Spanish interpreter to help me confirm an appointment was with Ms. Jazmin Manjarrez. Jazmin displayed a professional, up beat, can-do attitude that first day and every day I worked with her, and she was a benefit to me and to OHSU.
— Josh T.